Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hijab and stethoscope

So being a health-care professional requires you to be neat and also to have access to your ears for a stethoscope. (Ha-ha, some doctors [rigid in their belief that a stethoscope has very limited uses] would probably cringe at my juxtaposition of health-care and stethoscopes)
Unfortunately I’m not willing to make ear-holes in all my scarves so we have to come up with other options.

The orni/khimaar
Having a long scarf held together with a pin might be an option but may become a little overwhelming when you start concentrating on preventing your scarf from touching the patient.

The Kuwaiti style is an option. I’m not sure of its correct name and come to think of it, I’m not even sure why we refer to it as the Kuwaiti style :o It reminds me of an adaptation of the MMSG (Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls) scarf.  Essentially a sort of tube with a long end that can be draped over your head.  Works great.

The Ameera
This is the most useful option especially with a recent flood of their availability in South Africa. The Ameera (small burqa as some prefer calling it) can be neatly tucked away inside the white coat and obediently stretches when you require your stethoscope.  No problems J

You could also spice up your ameera-look by adding a Spanish-style atop it. This doesn’t interfere with your ear access. Just make sure you secure it well with some sewing pins lest it slips off.

Or else try wrapping a long scarf loosely over the ameera, and again securing it with pins

Shukran to Sabeehah for style tips and comments. And to Hamada for the mannequin head.
Apology for the hasty photos, obviously not my speciality :p 

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I too seemed to have without warning, disappeared from the blogging world. I actually had to remove the word “blogger” from my Twitter bio – I can’t be keeping the title when I only force out a post once a month. I felt a little relieved to find that many of the blogs I follow are also somewhat slack on posting. Glad I’m not the only one wrestling with time.

Twitter is one of the problems – it is a micro-blogging site after all, and it just seems so much easier to tweet if I need to vent. Also, I’m exposed to soooo many (too many) opinions on twitter that sometimes I feel I need not create more. We should start living by what’s already been said tweeted and facebooked.

The other big change is that I’ve got wheels :) I’ve finally mastered parking my Toyota Aygo (thanks to my friend) so my worst nightmare is over and I hardly ever switch off anymore. So of course the Waterfront and Mimosa Malls are becoming accustomed to my presence, or if I’m fed up of shopping then I go visit some Muslim families out here. (Strange how one clings onto anything remotely similar to home). It’s weird having a petrol expense to account for now, but I’m loving the independence. I no longer have to ask anyone to take me on a termly grocery shopping expedition, where I would buy everything in excess just so it lasts until another trip. I hate constantly asking people for favours – our family always maintains “ask from Allah, not from people” so I’m terribly grateful I don’t have to anymore. (a Big shout out to all my friends for never making me feel like a burden – may you be rewarded for your kindness).
May Allah keep me safe in my Nura.

And then the other thing is that, we are now academically forth year students. Allahu Akbar. It’s almost frightening to say forth year, I feel I know so little. Anyway, so we’ve began our clinical phase and now I’m convinced I love what I’m studying. It’s amazing to actually see patients, to see the signs and symptoms we’ve tried to by-heart. We’re currently doing our 10weeks through Internal Medicine =very chilled compared to the surgical rotation. Though I must admit, I often experience “that stupid moment in combo with the dumb-look”, coz we don’t know that much and have to guess our way through the drs questions. So we have to keep our Tally (insert Dr N’s accent) in easy access.

Seeing patients is also a source of reflection for me.

Our Geriatric patients remind me of where we might be heading if we reach a similar age. Value youth before old-age.
Our Paeds patients (&their parents) remind me of the trouble my own mother must have experienced with my numerous Sicknesses I used to have as a child. And do not even say uff to them.
And then the 22-year old neuro patient - I recall being bleek after seeing him with his severe cerebellar signs (which he suddenly acquired within three months). Without going into too much detail – he had total loss of coordination and balance. His speech was incomprehensible, he had severe dyskinetic movements on intention. In other words whenever he tried to do something, he would be unable to due to additional movements. He cannot sit-up nor walk. I can only try to imagine his frustration as he can perfectly understand everything we say or ask him to do. Imagine being unable to touch your nose…because you just can’t! Value health before sickness.

My awesome pink stethoscope (sorry for the krappy pic) that my dear sister bought for me. It attracts a lot of attention though. Also not the best thing to have around when I don’t want to be remembered by those doctors. “small girl with the scarf and pink stethoscope”. Whatever.

Until the next post, Ma'salaam

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What would you do in this case? #4

You are invited to a Muslim family's house for a meal. They probably cooked special for you. Suddenly you get this frightening, random thought that the meat might not actually be Halaal (There are more than four halaal-certifying organisations in South Africa)
Do you:

A. Just keep quiet, recite Bismillah and Eat.

B. Bluntly enquire where their meat is purchased from.

C. Lie that you are vegetarian (or maybe just became one)

D. Nibble on the salad.(Note, you are the guest so expect being asked why?)

E. Slyly bring up the topic of Halaal-certifying organisations. (BAM! Be ready for debate)

F. Other (explain)
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Studying Medicine

[This post is over a month old, written in the midst of my year-end exams and edited just after that. The new academic year brings a number of updates to this already, but I decided to leave it as is]

So I met a Grade 11 girl briefly at the airport, the other day; and she
asked me what I think about studying Medicine? I stared at her for a while not quite certain on how to answer. I was still waiting for exam results (*Nightmare*) so she got me in a wrong mood. Anyway, I managed to evade the question by elaborating on "hard work /consistency/IfYouLoveItDoIt" stories.

In retrospect, I decided studying Medicine can be likened to Bipolar Mood Disorder. This is especially true since mania and depression can occur within the same month, if you're lucky even within the same day.
(For the record: this post was written in jest and has nothing to do with bipolar disorder)

Manic Phase
  • Experienced when you elicit the biceps reflex on your colleague for the first time. No wait. The knee-jerk is a lot much more fun.
  • You can say dysdiadochokinesis. And you know what it means.
  • Can impress people by talking about the small and rather insignificant facial muscle called "Levator labii superioris alaeque nasi" or when you say "keratoconjunctivitis sicca" and all you mean is 'dry eyes'.
  • You actually understand the nervous system- you can talk about pathways and synapses with understanding. And think of everything that's happening when move your toes and when you're brushing your hair or driving or playing basketball (oops, I sound like Dr Z).
  • The most hilarious jokes have to come outta med school. Everyone would agree on this :D
  • You managed to spot aptly enough to get a distinction for a test. WOW. Brilliant. Note – these students are fully aware that they know bugger-all about what they just wrote. Spots and short-term memory fit well together.
  • You are asked what you studied. This is the best high-school-like feelings ever.
  • An ECG is no longer a series of squiggly lines.
  • You draw blood successfully on a real patient (not Mr Cronje/Mr Green) for the first time.

Depressive Phase
This is characterised by tremors, palpitations, hysterical laughter and sporadic increased lacrimal gland secretions. "Why the hell am I studying Medicine???" is dilemma often faced during this phase.

  • You fail an OSCE because you could not put up a neck brace. #Fail. (WTH! If the neck brace is there in that emergency situation, surely someone who can use the darn thing would be accompanying it. Just saying)
  • The impending doom experienced when you sit staring at the question paper wondering how you can suck out 10marks worth of pharmacology. Ah well, it's drug interactions so we'll just alternate between increase and decrease drug concentrations. Why not throw in a 'no effect' as well. (you would probably manage to score 1/10, or 1.5/10 if you're good at this game).
  • You see (in a test) the name of a drug or syndrome or bacteria that you've never heard of before. And now they asking you some detail about it.
  • The assessing doctor smirks at everything you do in a practical. Or worse still, you catch sight of a frown, or a raised eyebrow or a stifled laughter. WTH is he trying to sssaaayyyy! (Personal story: I am remembered because of my conspicuous scarf wearing. They going to remember my dumbness *aaaarrrghhh*)
  • You are sitting before a test with a list of acronyms or pneumonic, learning the answers to three basic questions:
                    What is the acronym?
                    What is it for?
                    What each letter stands for?
          You look pretty demented at this stage.
  • Your ECG interpretations are wrong. Oops sorry. Mistake. Maybe they are just squiggly lines after all? O_o
  • You screw an easy station in an OSCE by doing something so utterly stupid. It becomes immensely difficult to forgive yourself for this.
  • Other physical signs (especially before exams) include, hair loss, pimples and related scars, raccoon eyes, caffeine stained teeth. Weight gain or loss might also be noticed.
  • You start diagnosing yourself after every disease condition you learn about. A sore throat was probably some life-threatening pharyngitis. Ok, you're still living so it wasn't that; but something like it. Hoarseness of voice is often caused by laryngeal nerve compression. What! Carcinoma? Goitre? God forbid. Ag chill, you were just studying out loud. *Gasp*, are you now psychotic – talking to yourself???

You are welcome to add to any of these signs and symptoms.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Gaza Aid Convoy Update #1

Alhamdulillah, the SARA Gaza Aid Convoy have now reached the Kenyan - Ethiopian border and they hope to cross over into Ethiopia tomorrow :) They are currently 2721km from the Rafah border, InshAllah.

My recent bbm conversation with my cousin:
The Good:

The Bad:

And the Ugly:

Please remember the team in your Du'as.You can receive updates by following them on facebook.
Wasalaam :)
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

From the airport

So I'm finally on Holiday :) somewhat strange coz it's only 2weeks this year- damn, I'm going to miss my usual 6weeks.

I'm currently @ the OR Tambo Int airport, 3/4 done with my 5hour wait until my next connecting flight to DURBAN :D chilling @ a busy airport is not the worst thing ever. After doodling around the shops here, I entertained myself for over an hour @ the upper level of International arrivals. I find it rather amusing to watch different people's reactions as they see their loved ones.
* the man with the red jacket that seemed totally lost
*the two men that were undoubtedly father & son by token of their precisely similar gait
* the Indian family that were typically overloaded with luggage
* the man of IndoPak origin that looked like he was walking in the wrong direction. I hope he wasn't looking for departures!
*the sports team that came from somewhere, sorry I don't know players that well so I was unable to recognise any1
* the lady that sat behind and performed Salaah (love this)
* the Muslim brother that applied Itr for another Muslim brother
* And of course trying to assign nationalities to everyone

It was great to have this bird's eye view of soo many different people. Different shapes, different sizes, different colours, different dress styles. Some walking aimlessly, some with stiff tired legs, others almost running... Ay, I'm having fun
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

an extract from Mornings in Jenin

"Thank you" I answered, unsure of the proper American response to her gracious enthusiasm. In the Arab world, gratitude is a language unto itself, "May Allah bless the hands that give me this gift"; "Beauty is in your eyes that find me pretty"; "May God extend your life"; "May Allah never deny your prayer"; "May the next meal you cook for us be in celebration of your son's wedding...of your daughter's graduation...your mother's recovery"; and so on, an infinite string of prayerful appreciation. Coming from such a culture, I have always found a mere "thank you" an insufficient expression that makes my voice sound miserly and ungrateful.
Susan Abulhawa, Author of Mornings in Jenin.

Monday, June 27, 2011

No shoes or No feet?

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Bored On Call

السلام عليكم
I'm terribly bored. Its @ times like these, you actually appreciate being busy. So this is my third night call of my life - obs & gynae dept. We have no patients other than two that are going for Caesarian-sections. So there is nothing we can do. Nothing, beside hope for some emergency case to come and liven us up. I need to watch two more normal deliveries + an episiotomy + do two post-partum examinations. So I'm really hoping that there are some babies meant to born @ National Hospital tonight. Maybe something totally exciting will come - who knows: amulance siirens, screaming, baby half out. sjoe, I could deal with some drama right now...
I'm still worried about my results, which are supposed to be released this Wednesday; after-which, I could possibly start concentrating on this years work. It really sucks to have started a new academic year without knowing whether you've passed the previous year.
I've already read Esha, checked my Twitter timeline about 5times, read all the lastest blog posts, exhausted stories with my collegue, and I'm way to awake to sleep now...

What is everyone else up to?
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gaza Aid Convoys from South Africa

Alhamdulillah, the South African Muslims are getting pretty excited about the land convoys to Gaza; in an attempt to "break the siege on Gaza". 

This convoy to Gaza will be leaving from Durban on Sunday, the 26th of June, InshAllah. From the SARA website:
""SARA is holding a grand send off ceremony for its road convoy to Gaza at the Durban City Hall on Sunday 26 June 2011 . Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Premier of KZN – Dr Zwele Mkhize, the Ambassador of Palestine – Ali Halimeh, the Mayor of Durban – James Nxumalo, regional officials and religious leaders have been invited to address the gathering.Our convoy of ten vehicles will be parked outside the City Hall in Dr. Pixley Kaseme Street before the event. Guests and members of the public are invited to be there by 09h00 to have an opportunity to view the vehicles and meet members of the convoy in person.
The official programme begins at 10h00 sharp and ends at 11h00.
Everyone’s invited. We look forward to seeing you there!"

The Al-Quds Foundation SA in conjunction with a number of other organisations and Channel Islam International as the official media broadcaster  have also finalized their departure dates:
  • 14 July 2011 from Durban.
  • 29 July 2011 from Cape Town Masjied Rabbi in Mitchell's plain
  • Flying out of from Johannesburg to Cairo on the 20 August 2011
  • Arrival in Gaza on approximately the 23rd August 2011
They will be travelling through many countries across Africa, then into Egypt and finally to Gaza.
 This will InshAllah create awareness regarding the plight of the people of Gaza. There has been 
projects and fund-raising
 events throughout South Africa (Bloemfontein also had a fund-raising and was
 able to collect a substantial amount of money wooohoooo) 

I wish both the convoys a safe and successful journey, InshAllah.
I will keep you posted InshAllah as I have family going on both of the convoys.
PS. please visit the links for more comprehensive details


*One of the children's posters at the Bloemfontein Fund-raising event. Sorry I can't seem to rotate this image*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The best of the Boeremark

Salaam Alaikum :)
I'm back home, just for a few days though then we go back to start the new semester. Exams are over, Alhamdulillah but waiting for results seem just as stressful. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I don't want to think about this. *blocks exams out of mind*
It's awesome to be back home (for some reason I was really really missing home this term) and have free fast internet connection. My sister has dubbed be "Giga-Bhen" coz when I'm around, there always is a need to top-up the internet gigs :) I noticed I have a few more followers = JazakAllah for following =)
So I found this post in my drafts collection, it's already about six months old, but anyways...
oh, ya, the photo's are rather clumsy but then I am a shy photographer

For the non-South Africans, "The Boeremark" refers to a Saturday "Farmer's Market" where you can find... uhmmmm...almost anything. From freshly made braai (all haraam btw), to antiques, clothes, 2nd hand stuff, fruit & veggies and even puppies! You'd get it all! Its predominantly Afrikaaner and starts about 6a.m. We generally frequent the Boeremark, when it's exam time -  the only thing that has me ready @ 7:30a.m. on a Saturday morning. I suck at describing scenes so I'll leave it to some of these random pictures of the Boeremark.

The most amazing sight though, is when I pass a particular stall that sells metal items. No, its not the metal thats amazing - rather it's the Muslim man (of African origin) that makes the best use of his time. Totally ignoring the hustle-bustle around him- he just calmly recites Qur'an. (I couldn't take a photo of this much too sacred sight) A scene like this is most appreciated in Bloemfontein (where the mere spotting of another Muslim is actually exciting!).It almost makes me uncomfortable, shouldn't I be doing something more worthwhile than walking around at the Boeremark? Even my friend noticed him one day - and commented on how strange that was-"how could he be ignoring the music and reading your bible?" she wanted to know. Inspiring indeed.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Salaam 'Alaikum y'all

I feel pretty much like the above picture:
* Blue all over (partly because of the extreme cold; -4/13 degrees yesterday)

* Hair standing on ends

* Watery-eyed

* Decreased desire to change - the warm gowns and multiple jerseys work well enough. Comical colour combinations makes it embarrassing to go out.

* Red nose - everyone has a constant nasal drip, Wintertime in Bloem.

* 2 cups of Coffee (both are mine). I need more coffee mugs.

* Overall an unpleasant sight.

* Oh ya, in need of hugs as well *females only*

All the best to all of you that are writing exams. May you be surprised at your own abilities, InshAllah. Ameen

#urgent request for Du'aas for Bint Mahmood, writing on the 7th, 10th & 14th of June
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Will you?

Are u strong enough to perform Salaah anywhere?

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random update

Salaam 'Alaikum!
So now I have a new laptop Alhamdulillah :) and it's red *big smile*. I've become somewhat cynical about technology, I guess anyone would after:
1. My ol' laptop died. ( I hate to say 'crashed' here - it sounds so dramatic, on the contrary my laptop just quietly switched off and was apparently not feasible to repair)

2. My university memory stick contracted a virus, however was still usable until someone's antivirus decided to delete all viruses. This included all folders from memory stick. Yep, Semesters 1 - 5 all gone. Blog stuff all gone. :(

3. I was just looking for sumthing on my ol' cellphone and become suspicious when I couldn't find it. Yes, you guessed right. "Memory card corrupted" Whatever that means. Not funny anymore.

And worse, everyone blames me for not creating back-ups. *sigh*.

So tis great to have a new, clean laptop, though I must admit I have used up much of my airtime with all my experimenting and downloading :O A Big shout out to my sister for allowing me to take the new one - btw, my sis has also started a blog and has some entertaining posts coming along. Check it out here.

I've NO idea what I'm doin up @ 1:18:04 AM. But then tomorrow is a public holiday so I guess it's not such a crime :p

Take care y'all
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Monday, April 25, 2011

You know you're flyin Durban to Bloem when...

* Your boarding gates are right @ the end, downstairs. Deserted. Away from the hustle & bustle of the rest of the airport.

* There are about 5 people @ the waiting area.

* They all look @ you and count "6".

* Bloemfontein is not listed on the flight schedule boards until 5mins before the boarding time.

* The pilots walk pass and comment on whether they see any familiar faces.

* The use of a hopper bus is mandatory since our 29 seater plane is parked some distance away.

* I'm the only Asian on flight.

* You appreciate being both short & thin as soon as you enter the aircraft.

* There are no arm-rests or overhead cabins.

* When the plane switches on, you check out of the window to make sure you're not sitting in a helicopter.

* There is only 1 air hostess on-board & she re-caps the safety regulations 6seats @ a time. (Ha! No need for a microphone).

* You always get free coke and chips.

* You are glad no one is sitting next to you, it's too painful to have a conversation anyway.

* You are awed @ the differences in beauty of creation, within the same country.

* You wonder why the flight is so ridiculously priced.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

اضحك الله سنك     May Allah always keep you cheerful

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Asalaamu ‘Alaikum.
 Dear diary. I can’t believe I have not posted anything in on to you (whatever, you know my English is going ugly) in an entire month! It’s kinda an awkward feeling- like when you meet someone after a very long time and you don’t know what to say or how start. Not having a computer disconnected me entirely. I guess am almost expected to say again; how much one realises the value of something only after it’s gone. Talking about disconnections, I was listening to a lecture by the eloquent Mufti Ismail Menk; and he created this analogy of spiritual disconnection. The same loss and emptiness felt when one loses internet connection ought to be felt when one loses spiritual connection. Every effort should be made to regain this connection.  [I don’t think I make as much as sense as he did.L]

Anyhow, I’ve had enough stories to tell you, but was too busy to go sit at Visimed. Lots of things happened this last month. Oral presentations, tests, community projects – only to mention a few! I can’t, no REALLY can’t believe that another term has passed and I’m in holiday again. Plus it’s soon gonna be April. *wide –eyed*.  Allahu Akbar! Awesome to be chilled again but this passing time frightens me. Check out Humayda’s thoughts on this same topic.

But I’m glad I have a Blackberry, so I have been reading some awesome blog-posts from my fellow bloggers but it’s a bit too irritating to comment from a Blackberry (I almost feel like a stalker, prying around on people’s blogs without ever leaving a comment *apology*). Eish, but these smartphones are pretty useful. In the absence of my laptop, out of desperation, I even studied Powerpoint presentations from my BB. Makes me wonder whether palm-tops will soon replace laptops? Recognised problem:  My typing skills have become rather Blackberry-ised as well – for the fifth time so far, when I want capital letters I hold down the keys and then glare @ my keyboard wondering why it’s not changing. Loq.

Ok, so diary, here’s me signing off as randomly as I began. Hopefully you shall see more worth-while posts in the near future, InshAllah.

Bint Mahmood :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Lives of the Sahabah (RA) #1

Those who know most Qur’aan qualify to be Ameer.
Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah (RA) narrates that Rasoolullaah (SAW) once dispatched an exceptionally large expedition. Rasoolullaah (SAW) made each one of them recite whatever portion of the Qur’aan he knew. When Rasoolullah (SAW) came to a man who was one of the youngest and asked him what portion of the Qur’aan he knew, he named several Surahs that he knew including Surah Baqara. “Do you know Surah Baqara?” Rasoolullaah (SAW) enquired. When the man replied in the affirmative, Rasoolullaah (SAW) said, “Go ahead! You are now their Ameer.”

One of the prominent persons amongst them said, “The only thing that prevented me from learning Surah Baqara was the fear that I would be unable to recite it in Tahajjud salaah”. Rasoolullaah (SAW) said, “Learn the Qur’aan and recite it because the example of a person who learns the Qur’aan and recites it is like a bag full of musk, from which fragrance emanates and spreads in every direction. On the other hand, the example of a person who learns the Qur’aan and then sleeps with it in his heart is like a bag of musk, the mouth of which has been sealed.”  (1)
[Source: Hayatus Sahabah Vol. 2. Pg.93.
 (1) Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ibn Hibaan, as quoted in Targheeb wat Tarheeb (Vol.3 Pg. 12)]

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random things on my mind

  • Prof W (a non-Muslim) made a random observation the other day: 'These days one cannot specify gender on basis of clothing. Men and women dress too simarlarly'.  #think.

  • The conspiracy theorists have been talking again -  the current revolution in the Arab world could have possibly been sparked by USA. Reasons? 
  • *They are done with the previous leaders and need new people in the GAME. So the election of new governments has to be watched very closely. 
  • * Religion, specifically Islam has hindered their spread of Globalisation, and the idea of "I have My Rights and I can do as I please because I am FREE". They hope these revolutions spread to the more conservative Islamic countries (Saudi???) so that more cinemas, clubs etc can become widespread and legal.
  • *Creates instability and unrest in the Muslim world.
  • I personally don't know what to think about these theories. I just wish for a free, democratic, Islamic Arab world that is not ruled by puppets of the west. I think Saudi rulers need to change as well.
  • What are your thoughts?

  • Muammar Gaddafi is Mad. 
  • I can't believe he has allowed approx 1000 people to be killed so far! Mubarak doesn't seem so bad any more,ne?
  • he has executed soldiers that refused to kill civilians
  • In his life, he tried to edit the Qur'an.!!!!

  • I am writing my first Anaesthesiology test next Thursday.
  • My laptop has broken down. I seem to appear as United Kingdom on all Feedjit and other counters whenever I visit from my BB.
  • I suddenly developed a hatred for my current template.

This post is officially crazy. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mawlud/Wafatun Nabi (SAW)

Yes, it’s the month of Rabi’ ul Awal (in fact 12th already!) , the month during which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born and passed away. (Aside: how beautiful must it have been when the world lit up on the birth of Muhammad (SAW). The one who came to this world to lighten up darknesses).

I was however disappointed on my recent visit home, to see signboards decorations on the light poles of a street. Maybe I should be a little more descriptive: each light pole had two round/star-shaped boards (on either side) written “Muhammad (saw)”, flanked by two red flags. And no, I refuse to go into any debate regarding the permissibility of such actions but I do believe we need to set our priorities straight. I think we need to question ourselves first:
  • Are we not succumbing to imitating the practices of the Kufaar?
  • Don’t we have more important things to spend money on?
  • If Muhammad (saw) was here, would he have been pleased to see this?

The month of Rabi’ ul Awal ought to be used to as an opportunity to learn more about the life of the most beloved (pbuh) and more importantly to practice his beautiful example.

PS. These are my very own personal opinions and were not intended to insult anyone.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

All the earth is a place of prostration

Another one of my videos "Crazy spots to pray". Nasheed by Dawud Wharnsby Ali

Which is the craziest spot you've ever performed Salaah on?

Friday, February 11, 2011

*Mubarak, didn’t you get the point AS YET?*

Hosni Mubarak's speech last night was so utterly pathetic! His arrogance was shocking as he kept referring to his 'achievements', 'sacrifices' and apparent 'love' for Egypt. Anyone who doesn't know him might have thought "what a selfless man". His refusal to step down get out - only highlights his hedonistic nature and forms a direct paradox for his "love for the people"and "I've safeguarded peace" claims.

May Allah protect the people of Egypt and remove from them their oppressive rulers. Ameen.

One of the Twitter feeds read:
Dear Hosni Mubarak, Thank you for making me seem like a hero, Sincerely Ben Ali


UPDATE: Mubarak has finally stepped Down! ALHAMDULILLAH! ALLAHU AKBAR! The army is now in control of Egypt - I wonder who will be the next leader?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A story about Hadrat Anas bin Maalik (RA)

Once some guests came to visit Hadrat Anas bin Maaik (RA). He entertained them with a meal. The tablecloth became dirty and discoloured, due to some food having fallen on it. Hadrat Anas (RA) instructed the maid servant to cast it into the burning furnace. The servant did as she was commanded.

The guests were astonished at this command. When the tablecloth was thrown into the burning furnace, they awaited the appearance of smoke to indicate that the tablecloth was burning. But instead, when the tablecloth was removed from the fire, it was still intact and had become clean.

They asked him: “O companion of Rasollullah (SAW), why did this tablecloth not burn in the fire? And instead of burning, had become perfectly clean?”

Hadrat Anas (RA) replied: “The reason for the tablecloth not burning is that on various occasions Rasoolullah (SAW) cleansed his hands and lips with this cloth”

Lesson: when a tablecloth was granted this honour by the wiping of his blessed hands, one can just imagine what honour and nearness to Allah will be granted in both worlds to those who follow the Sunnah diligently.
May Allah grant us all the ability to follow the Sunnah, Ameen.

Source: Ma-aarif-e-Mathnavi Volume 1, by Hadrat Moulana Hakim Akhtar Saheb.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Weirdness personified

I’ve been tagged by dear Blue Pearl into doing this post about the weirdest things about me, so now I tag the following bloggers: Humayda, SS, Rose Water, Fadiosis, Mustika Sari, MuslimWife23, R (when I find your blog ;P), Sabeehah (when she eventually starts blogging, I give her till 2013 ;P) and anyone else who wants to be tagged! (I know I’m really delayed with this so apologies to anyone that has already done this post)

Asking my family was almost of no purpose coz they all answered “Everything” and then went off into peals of laughter. **on second thoughts maybe this does actually say something about me? **

Another 10-year old cousin said my teeth are rather big *hahahaha* but he withdrew his statement after a shouting from his mother!!

So besides my large teeth -

  •  Can’t spell ‘attitude’ or ‘architect’ without using spell check. I’m not so sure whether this is weird or plain stupid.

  • I eat terribly hot food. I mean really HOTT! Nando’s extra-hot is a must-have when I eat.

  •  Hate it when anyone looks at my toes.

  •  I claim I love reading books but don’t manage more than two a year?! Makes me wonder how strong my love really is. Does reading blogs count?

  • I love different languages but can’t speak my home-language properly!

  •  Can raise each eyebrow separately.

  • My teeth are crooked even after two years of braces!

  •  I can create a shallow pit in my shoulder (near the acromo-clavicular and gleno-humeral joints).

  •  Eating ice-cream for breakfast is not strange for me neither is it abnormal to eat an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting.

  •  I love butter. A few years ago, I could only take Panado’s after encapsulating it in butter. *sjoe! I'm glad that's over*


  •  I have a driver’s licence but don’t drive.


  •  Confuse my right and left.

  •  I’m stuck – I suck at introspection.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear readers!
Today I had my 1st REAL experience of being a doctor. This time it was no playing “doctor-doctor” “doctor-patient” with my friends. This time we had to consult a real patient.
Fortunately, it was only IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses) and we were in groups. In addition, Sister S was there to overlook. *I wonder if the mothers (and babies) felt intimidated by 5 med-students consulting them? Maybe they felt special?*
Alhamdulillah, I really enjoyed my morning – May Allah keep it that way. Ameen.

I reminisced, yet again, my failure to be able to speak the native languages. Most people in Bloem speak Sotho and Afrikaans. In general my Afrikaans sucks and... well...Sotho... “ Dumela” (greeting) is as far as I can get! *language –crisis* Embarassed

Ps. I do realise that I owe 2 blog posts:
The weird stuff about me (tagged by Blue Pearl); and
The versatile blogger (awarded by Rose Water)
So watch this space Smile

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The end of Summer Vacation!

I have only a few days left before I leave... (there are many ways to complete this sentence)... for Bloemfontein, InshAllah.
I won’t say I’m really looking forward to getting back but I guess it would be good to see my friends again and more-so to actually start this year! Everyone else at my home has gone back to work and my life these past few days has been somewhat stagnant. Pretty house-wife-ish, in fact. I spend my time helping our dear domestic worker, answering phone-calls, cleaning out cupboards and then waiting for everyone to return home! Gee, I’m not used to this!  
I feel like an over-recharged battery that is waiting to spark forward. Problem: I hope this spirit lasts for more than a week! I fear being totally flat as soon as I reach Bloem on Sunday.

Anyways, here’s a little something for us to think about:
Do you ever feel that people only notice the few things that you didn’t do but fail to notice the numerous things that you did? Don’t despair – Allah notices everything!
Seek recognition from Allah, not from people.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A story about Zikr

A certain devotee was one night making the Zikr of Allah’s name in complete sincerity so much so that from this Zikr his saliva too was tasting sweet. Shaytaan said to him: “O Saint! Be silent. Why are you reciting this Zikr so profusely? It is of no benefit. After all, you do not get any reply from Allah’s side. So what benefit is there in one-sided love?”

Hearing these words of deceit from Shaytaan, the pious man became broken-hearted and depressed. He postponed the rest of his Zikr and went to sleep.

That night he saw in a dream that Hadrat Khidr (as) came to him, asking him: “Why were you negligent of Zikr this night?”
The pious man replied: “from Allah’s side there was no reply of ‘Labbaik’. From this I got the impression that my Zikr was not accepted by Him”.

Hazrat Khidr (as) said: “Allah has sent a message to you. He has said: Tell this servant of mine: ‘O My servant, your saying ‘Allah’ is My reply of ‘Labbaik’ (I am present)’”

In other words, when your first ‘Allah’ is accepted by Allah, then only are you granted the ability to say ‘Allah’ a second time. Thus this second ‘Allah’ is “Labbaik from My side”.

Lesson: at the time of making Zikr, it should be borne in mind that it is when our first ‘Allah’ is accepted then only the second Zikr of ‘Allah’ follows. And this second Zikr must be accepted before the third on follows...         
Blessed is this gift for the Zaakireen. May Allah grant us the ability to make Zikr up to the last breath of our lives, Ameen.