Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What would you do in this case? #4

You are invited to a Muslim family's house for a meal. They probably cooked special for you. Suddenly you get this frightening, random thought that the meat might not actually be Halaal (There are more than four halaal-certifying organisations in South Africa)
Do you:

A. Just keep quiet, recite Bismillah and Eat.

B. Bluntly enquire where their meat is purchased from.

C. Lie that you are vegetarian (or maybe just became one)

D. Nibble on the salad.(Note, you are the guest so expect being asked why?)

E. Slyly bring up the topic of Halaal-certifying organisations. (BAM! Be ready for debate)

F. Other (explain)
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Zarina Hassem said...


This is such an important issues, and I must admit that having so many halaal authorities, in opposition to each other, really confuses people. I guess perhaps it's safe to stick with "if you feel a doubt then don't eat it", although that does become complicated, saying something would most probably be offensive to the hosts, so maybe I would just enjoy the salad in this case, and there's always potatoes, rice and other side dishes to fill you up.;-)

ireminisces said...

Asalamu alaikum

Wonderful blog and love the nasheed. Perhaps you can mail it to me if you want.

Did you find yourself in this position?

Musaafirah said...

Assalamu Alaikum warahmatullahi t3ala wa barakatuhu,
I always find such situations extremely difficult, have been through many. If I'm close to someone there I just ask about the meat and stuff but ofcourse with total respect, and thats when Im free with them, If I'm not then I just nibble on the salad lol.

btw, I was going through my old blog comments, so I saw yours, and thought I'd tell you about my new blog, I've linked it. I had to close the baitu3ashiqillah one...btw love your blog, am goin to follow!

Bint Mahmood said...

Wa 'Alaikumus Salaam:)
JazakAllah khair for the comments & Sorry for my delayed reply

@Zarina: I do try to stick to the non-meat stuff but am often pressed for an explaination :)

@ireminisces: Which nasheed ya akhi?
I am often in this position, especially since I stay away from home - many families invite me over.

Bint Mahmood said...

@Musaafirah: Wa 'Alaikumus Salaam wr wb:)

JazakAllah khair for popping by and for the followfortunately third year seems to be taking its toll on me as I don't seem to find blogging time anymore

going to check your blog out now:)

The Black Jubah said...

In Malaysia, we alway faces this problem, especially if invited to a non-Muslim family.

Generally Malaysians are quite sensitive in this issue. But I would just ask, which one is it that I can eat?

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Bint Mahmood said...

@The Black Jubah: Really? I always thought everything in Malaysia was Halaal! I also thought Malaysia had only one certifying body (unlike our 5)

I think asking out-right would be the best option - I just need to get a polite way of doing it ;)

hanna said...

I guess perhaps it's safe to stick with "if you feel a doubt then don't eat it"
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