Thursday, November 3, 2011


I too seemed to have without warning, disappeared from the blogging world. I actually had to remove the word “blogger” from my Twitter bio – I can’t be keeping the title when I only force out a post once a month. I felt a little relieved to find that many of the blogs I follow are also somewhat slack on posting. Glad I’m not the only one wrestling with time.

Twitter is one of the problems – it is a micro-blogging site after all, and it just seems so much easier to tweet if I need to vent. Also, I’m exposed to soooo many (too many) opinions on twitter that sometimes I feel I need not create more. We should start living by what’s already been said tweeted and facebooked.

The other big change is that I’ve got wheels :) I’ve finally mastered parking my Toyota Aygo (thanks to my friend) so my worst nightmare is over and I hardly ever switch off anymore. So of course the Waterfront and Mimosa Malls are becoming accustomed to my presence, or if I’m fed up of shopping then I go visit some Muslim families out here. (Strange how one clings onto anything remotely similar to home). It’s weird having a petrol expense to account for now, but I’m loving the independence. I no longer have to ask anyone to take me on a termly grocery shopping expedition, where I would buy everything in excess just so it lasts until another trip. I hate constantly asking people for favours – our family always maintains “ask from Allah, not from people” so I’m terribly grateful I don’t have to anymore. (a Big shout out to all my friends for never making me feel like a burden – may you be rewarded for your kindness).
May Allah keep me safe in my Nura.

And then the other thing is that, we are now academically forth year students. Allahu Akbar. It’s almost frightening to say forth year, I feel I know so little. Anyway, so we’ve began our clinical phase and now I’m convinced I love what I’m studying. It’s amazing to actually see patients, to see the signs and symptoms we’ve tried to by-heart. We’re currently doing our 10weeks through Internal Medicine =very chilled compared to the surgical rotation. Though I must admit, I often experience “that stupid moment in combo with the dumb-look”, coz we don’t know that much and have to guess our way through the drs questions. So we have to keep our Tally (insert Dr N’s accent) in easy access.

Seeing patients is also a source of reflection for me.

Our Geriatric patients remind me of where we might be heading if we reach a similar age. Value youth before old-age.
Our Paeds patients (&their parents) remind me of the trouble my own mother must have experienced with my numerous Sicknesses I used to have as a child. And do not even say uff to them.
And then the 22-year old neuro patient - I recall being bleek after seeing him with his severe cerebellar signs (which he suddenly acquired within three months). Without going into too much detail – he had total loss of coordination and balance. His speech was incomprehensible, he had severe dyskinetic movements on intention. In other words whenever he tried to do something, he would be unable to due to additional movements. He cannot sit-up nor walk. I can only try to imagine his frustration as he can perfectly understand everything we say or ask him to do. Imagine being unable to touch your nose…because you just can’t! Value health before sickness.

My awesome pink stethoscope (sorry for the krappy pic) that my dear sister bought for me. It attracts a lot of attention though. Also not the best thing to have around when I don’t want to be remembered by those doctors. “small girl with the scarf and pink stethoscope”. Whatever.

Until the next post, Ma'salaam


ireminisces said...

MashAllah if you still need a lift let me know, lol congratulations on becoming a doctor, I have a sore throat and hurts when I swallow what do you reccommend? oh feel free to comment/follow my blog

Ati said...

You've got good things happening around you, sis. Yay!! Alhamdulillah for the good life. I am glad now you have a beautiful car on your own. And you made me chuckle with "that stupid moment in combo with the dumb-look". It reminds me of Hugh Laurie from House. Hope you dont have any supervisor like him. By the way, the stethoscope is simply stunning!Good luck with 4th year!

Anees said...

Salaams Sis! Aww, what a sweet little car! Blueeee! My fav color and you named her Nura? Cute.

Congrats on the new wheels and yes, Twitter does provide a similar outlet though I do miss "Brotherhood" and getting comments, etc..

I never had the opportunity to observe such a patient during my med school career, but yes, indeed, some of the things humans have to face . . incidently, my last exam before graduating was Neuro-psychology, so cerebellar signs and the like are still fresh in my memory. Dysdiadokinesis, ataxia, tremors, dysmetria, etc.

Aww, that is kinda of a sweet and cute way of seeing how others might percieve you with you pink 'scope. Mine is a dull gray Cardiology III from Littman, but as you probably know, it's one of the nicer ones that my mom got me in the last few years. Hope to hang on to that one for a long time.

Anyways, as for me, preparing for the dreaded USMLEs - Step 1 at the moment. Having to remember all this anatomy again! Ugh! The biochem and microbiology is killing me, but it's getting better with repetition of course. Not looking forward to it at all.

Ma'sha'allah, though, it's nice to hear that you are doing well and happy that things are well otherwise in your offline, non-med student life too.

Hope the family is well, especially big sis of course since I have had some interaction with her online, but of course, mom and dad especially.

Best wishes always,
Br./Dr. Anees (don't really feel like one yet, as I have these exams, long way to go, please keep me in your du'a!

Anonymous said...

BintMahmood!! blogging again, yay!

I can so relate to the "termly grocery shopping expedition" and yes I feel just the same with a car... Masha Allah your car looks cute (",) May Allah bless you in it :)

Good that you enjoying medicine now :)

I like the pink stethoscope... Mine's bright blue, I think mine attracts too much attention as well :/


SS said...


Don't you get a headache with all these different communication platforms- bb, twitter ,facebook , whatsapp, gmail, gmail chat and still your regular phone. I long for simplicity where currency is gold and if you wanted to speak to somebody, you get your arse of the couch and visit.

Btw I think that you should blur out your number plate, coz, well I'm prepared to get off the couch to stalk.

Missed your awesomeness, don't be lazy like the rest of us

Bint Mahmood said...

I love the comments! Sometimes its the only motivation to post more often :)

@ireminisces - Haahaaha, will do! I'm not yet a doctor though, still got two years to get through :o In Sha Allah :)

@Ati- Yes, Alhamdulillah! Your comment reminds me to count my blessings & be grateful (lol, I do have some things to complain about right now ;) <3. Sorry, though, I don't watch TV so I'm not sure about the House programme ") Glad you like the stethoscope, please remember me in your Du'as and take care <3

@Anees- CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a dr! Masha Allah! It must be great feeling. Though, I don't understand the whole USMLEs - why do you have to do em? Alhamdulillah, my family is well - hope it is the same for you :) Du'as and all the best for the future!

@BintAbee!- Haha, if we were studying in the same place, we'd def gone shopping together! I think you'll agree; attractive stethoscopes are not always "Ayoba" :) Take Care :)

@SS- Wslm,lol you're welcome to try stalk but i wish you good luck coz my number plates have been changed :D  (coz apparently I received the wrong set the first time. I agree, maintaining too many social networking sites can become a bothersome (I just recovered from an entire account-hacking and spam issues on Twitter) but then I wonder if I'll beable to survive without all the technological advancements we've become accustomed to (I think I'm a lil dependant alreadly!)
In sha Allah, you will also update your blog soon :)

hanna said...

You've got good things happening around you, sis. Yay!! Alhamdulillah for the good life. I am glad now you have a beautiful car on your own. And you made me chuckle with "that stupid moment in combo with the dumb-look".
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