Friday, September 24, 2010

What would you do in this case?

You’re walking through a hospital (which is empty because of an indefinite strike of public-sector workers). As you approach the exit, you realise the media-guys are there and have their camera directed towards you. Do you:
  1. A.      Scream, turn around and run in the opposite direction.
  2. B.      Look down and block your reddened face.
  3. C.      Smile and wave (‘hey, I may be on TV’).
  4. D.      Act indifferently. Carry on walking normally.
  5. E.       Other (please specify).

Friday, September 17, 2010

A small tribute to Ismail Haniyyah

How I wish we had more leaders the like of Sheikh Ismail Haniyyah – a truly amazing personality, nay an amazingly humble Palestinian Prime Minister. I have read that the first Taraweeh Salaah (of Ramadhaan 1431) was performed by the Prime Minister himself at the Masjid-al-Gharbi! “It is unique to see the prime minister of a country lead the people in salaah and in khutbah...this is so admirable”. Admirable indeed!

It is certainly unfortunate that Sheikh Ismail is portrayed so negatively in the media (obviously the cliché ‘Terrorist-linked’ [c’mon- give me something new]) and even more unfortunate that he is conveniently excluded from those useless ‘peace-talks’. Have you ever searched for him on Wikipedia? Well, as expected, little about his personal life is mentioned; a much greater emphasis on his disputes, denials and deportations. But anyway, I think Sheikh Ismail rocks.

Before I end this little political discussion rant post , please check out this link regarding the actual opinions of Palestinians and ‘peace-talks’.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eid - South African style

Hope you all had a splendid Eid! I visited Johannesburg for Eid but I think pictures speak louder than words so here are some of the pictures I took at Fordsburg on the night before Eid. I must apologise for the poor quality of my pictures - this was the best I could do with my cellphone camera and I insisted on keeping my flash off because of my generally shy nature:)
PS. These pictures only display Eid in one part of S.A but is not representative of South Africa entirely.

One of the better things at Fordsburg is the cultural diversity evident there: You can see it all- South Africans, Arabs, Indians from the sub-continent, Africans and even some that I don't know where from:)

Here is a ultimately cute set of twins, only one would let me carry her - in fact, she didn't want to go back to her family!

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