Friday, April 19, 2013

"Aren't you hot in that?"

I'm certain anyone living within a Western community has been asked: "Wow! Don't you feel hot in your Hijab?!"

10. "I'm more protected against skin cancer"

9.  "It's cooler than my hair"

8. "I have air-conditioned thoughts"

7. "Yeah. I'm dying.  *whispers* I need you to free me"

6. "OMW, I don't believe you actually think that far"

5. "So what if i do?"

4. "Hell is hotter"
3. "My hijab is what a thorn is to a rose"

2. "Anything for my Allah, is cool"

and no. 1.

Feel free to add any more responses :p 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food for thought

Prof Louw's closing remarks after the weekly Internal Medicine meeting was:
"...I want you all to imagine that you are in Paris. And at the corner of the painting square, you will find a Chinese man that will paint your portrait. If he had to paint the real you, which would he have made bigger; your ears or your mouth?"