Friday, January 28, 2011

Weirdness personified

I’ve been tagged by dear Blue Pearl into doing this post about the weirdest things about me, so now I tag the following bloggers: Humayda, SS, Rose Water, Fadiosis, Mustika Sari, MuslimWife23, R (when I find your blog ;P), Sabeehah (when she eventually starts blogging, I give her till 2013 ;P) and anyone else who wants to be tagged! (I know I’m really delayed with this so apologies to anyone that has already done this post)

Asking my family was almost of no purpose coz they all answered “Everything” and then went off into peals of laughter. **on second thoughts maybe this does actually say something about me? **

Another 10-year old cousin said my teeth are rather big *hahahaha* but he withdrew his statement after a shouting from his mother!!

So besides my large teeth -

  •  Can’t spell ‘attitude’ or ‘architect’ without using spell check. I’m not so sure whether this is weird or plain stupid.

  • I eat terribly hot food. I mean really HOTT! Nando’s extra-hot is a must-have when I eat.

  •  Hate it when anyone looks at my toes.

  •  I claim I love reading books but don’t manage more than two a year?! Makes me wonder how strong my love really is. Does reading blogs count?

  • I love different languages but can’t speak my home-language properly!

  •  Can raise each eyebrow separately.

  • My teeth are crooked even after two years of braces!

  •  I can create a shallow pit in my shoulder (near the acromo-clavicular and gleno-humeral joints).

  •  Eating ice-cream for breakfast is not strange for me neither is it abnormal to eat an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting.

  •  I love butter. A few years ago, I could only take Panado’s after encapsulating it in butter. *sjoe! I'm glad that's over*


  •  I have a driver’s licence but don’t drive.


  •  Confuse my right and left.

  •  I’m stuck – I suck at introspection.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Dear readers!
Today I had my 1st REAL experience of being a doctor. This time it was no playing “doctor-doctor” “doctor-patient” with my friends. This time we had to consult a real patient.
Fortunately, it was only IMCI (Integrated Management of Childhood Illnesses) and we were in groups. In addition, Sister S was there to overlook. *I wonder if the mothers (and babies) felt intimidated by 5 med-students consulting them? Maybe they felt special?*
Alhamdulillah, I really enjoyed my morning – May Allah keep it that way. Ameen.

I reminisced, yet again, my failure to be able to speak the native languages. Most people in Bloem speak Sotho and Afrikaans. In general my Afrikaans sucks and... well...Sotho... “ Dumela” (greeting) is as far as I can get! *language –crisis* Embarassed

Ps. I do realise that I owe 2 blog posts:
The weird stuff about me (tagged by Blue Pearl); and
The versatile blogger (awarded by Rose Water)
So watch this space Smile

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The end of Summer Vacation!

I have only a few days left before I leave... (there are many ways to complete this sentence)... for Bloemfontein, InshAllah.
I won’t say I’m really looking forward to getting back but I guess it would be good to see my friends again and more-so to actually start this year! Everyone else at my home has gone back to work and my life these past few days has been somewhat stagnant. Pretty house-wife-ish, in fact. I spend my time helping our dear domestic worker, answering phone-calls, cleaning out cupboards and then waiting for everyone to return home! Gee, I’m not used to this!  
I feel like an over-recharged battery that is waiting to spark forward. Problem: I hope this spirit lasts for more than a week! I fear being totally flat as soon as I reach Bloem on Sunday.

Anyways, here’s a little something for us to think about:
Do you ever feel that people only notice the few things that you didn’t do but fail to notice the numerous things that you did? Don’t despair – Allah notices everything!
Seek recognition from Allah, not from people.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A story about Zikr

A certain devotee was one night making the Zikr of Allah’s name in complete sincerity so much so that from this Zikr his saliva too was tasting sweet. Shaytaan said to him: “O Saint! Be silent. Why are you reciting this Zikr so profusely? It is of no benefit. After all, you do not get any reply from Allah’s side. So what benefit is there in one-sided love?”

Hearing these words of deceit from Shaytaan, the pious man became broken-hearted and depressed. He postponed the rest of his Zikr and went to sleep.

That night he saw in a dream that Hadrat Khidr (as) came to him, asking him: “Why were you negligent of Zikr this night?”
The pious man replied: “from Allah’s side there was no reply of ‘Labbaik’. From this I got the impression that my Zikr was not accepted by Him”.

Hazrat Khidr (as) said: “Allah has sent a message to you. He has said: Tell this servant of mine: ‘O My servant, your saying ‘Allah’ is My reply of ‘Labbaik’ (I am present)’”

In other words, when your first ‘Allah’ is accepted by Allah, then only are you granted the ability to say ‘Allah’ a second time. Thus this second ‘Allah’ is “Labbaik from My side”.

Lesson: at the time of making Zikr, it should be borne in mind that it is when our first ‘Allah’ is accepted then only the second Zikr of ‘Allah’ follows. And this second Zikr must be accepted before the third on follows...         
Blessed is this gift for the Zaakireen. May Allah grant us the ability to make Zikr up to the last breath of our lives, Ameen.