Thursday, January 13, 2011

The end of Summer Vacation!

I have only a few days left before I leave... (there are many ways to complete this sentence)... for Bloemfontein, InshAllah.
I won’t say I’m really looking forward to getting back but I guess it would be good to see my friends again and more-so to actually start this year! Everyone else at my home has gone back to work and my life these past few days has been somewhat stagnant. Pretty house-wife-ish, in fact. I spend my time helping our dear domestic worker, answering phone-calls, cleaning out cupboards and then waiting for everyone to return home! Gee, I’m not used to this!  
I feel like an over-recharged battery that is waiting to spark forward. Problem: I hope this spirit lasts for more than a week! I fear being totally flat as soon as I reach Bloem on Sunday.

Anyways, here’s a little something for us to think about:
Do you ever feel that people only notice the few things that you didn’t do but fail to notice the numerous things that you did? Don’t despair – Allah notices everything!
Seek recognition from Allah, not from people.


rose water said...

Dear Bint Mahmood, I just wanted to let you know that you received an award :)


Sabeehah said...

Aw missing u So much!!
It really sucks that my internet is not working - I feel so lost! anyway have applied for a new connection so hope it comes soon:)