Monday, June 27, 2011

No shoes or No feet?

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Bored On Call

السلام عليكم
I'm terribly bored. Its @ times like these, you actually appreciate being busy. So this is my third night call of my life - obs & gynae dept. We have no patients other than two that are going for Caesarian-sections. So there is nothing we can do. Nothing, beside hope for some emergency case to come and liven us up. I need to watch two more normal deliveries + an episiotomy + do two post-partum examinations. So I'm really hoping that there are some babies meant to born @ National Hospital tonight. Maybe something totally exciting will come - who knows: amulance siirens, screaming, baby half out. sjoe, I could deal with some drama right now...
I'm still worried about my results, which are supposed to be released this Wednesday; after-which, I could possibly start concentrating on this years work. It really sucks to have started a new academic year without knowing whether you've passed the previous year.
I've already read Esha, checked my Twitter timeline about 5times, read all the lastest blog posts, exhausted stories with my collegue, and I'm way to awake to sleep now...

What is everyone else up to?
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Friday, June 17, 2011

Gaza Aid Convoys from South Africa

Alhamdulillah, the South African Muslims are getting pretty excited about the land convoys to Gaza; in an attempt to "break the siege on Gaza". 

This convoy to Gaza will be leaving from Durban on Sunday, the 26th of June, InshAllah. From the SARA website:
""SARA is holding a grand send off ceremony for its road convoy to Gaza at the Durban City Hall on Sunday 26 June 2011 . Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the Premier of KZN – Dr Zwele Mkhize, the Ambassador of Palestine – Ali Halimeh, the Mayor of Durban – James Nxumalo, regional officials and religious leaders have been invited to address the gathering.Our convoy of ten vehicles will be parked outside the City Hall in Dr. Pixley Kaseme Street before the event. Guests and members of the public are invited to be there by 09h00 to have an opportunity to view the vehicles and meet members of the convoy in person.
The official programme begins at 10h00 sharp and ends at 11h00.
Everyone’s invited. We look forward to seeing you there!"

The Al-Quds Foundation SA in conjunction with a number of other organisations and Channel Islam International as the official media broadcaster  have also finalized their departure dates:
  • 14 July 2011 from Durban.
  • 29 July 2011 from Cape Town Masjied Rabbi in Mitchell's plain
  • Flying out of from Johannesburg to Cairo on the 20 August 2011
  • Arrival in Gaza on approximately the 23rd August 2011
They will be travelling through many countries across Africa, then into Egypt and finally to Gaza.
 This will InshAllah create awareness regarding the plight of the people of Gaza. There has been 
projects and fund-raising
 events throughout South Africa (Bloemfontein also had a fund-raising and was
 able to collect a substantial amount of money wooohoooo) 

I wish both the convoys a safe and successful journey, InshAllah.
I will keep you posted InshAllah as I have family going on both of the convoys.
PS. please visit the links for more comprehensive details


*One of the children's posters at the Bloemfontein Fund-raising event. Sorry I can't seem to rotate this image*

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The best of the Boeremark

Salaam Alaikum :)
I'm back home, just for a few days though then we go back to start the new semester. Exams are over, Alhamdulillah but waiting for results seem just as stressful. Aaaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I don't want to think about this. *blocks exams out of mind*
It's awesome to be back home (for some reason I was really really missing home this term) and have free fast internet connection. My sister has dubbed be "Giga-Bhen" coz when I'm around, there always is a need to top-up the internet gigs :) I noticed I have a few more followers = JazakAllah for following =)
So I found this post in my drafts collection, it's already about six months old, but anyways...
oh, ya, the photo's are rather clumsy but then I am a shy photographer

For the non-South Africans, "The Boeremark" refers to a Saturday "Farmer's Market" where you can find... uhmmmm...almost anything. From freshly made braai (all haraam btw), to antiques, clothes, 2nd hand stuff, fruit & veggies and even puppies! You'd get it all! Its predominantly Afrikaaner and starts about 6a.m. We generally frequent the Boeremark, when it's exam time -  the only thing that has me ready @ 7:30a.m. on a Saturday morning. I suck at describing scenes so I'll leave it to some of these random pictures of the Boeremark.

The most amazing sight though, is when I pass a particular stall that sells metal items. No, its not the metal thats amazing - rather it's the Muslim man (of African origin) that makes the best use of his time. Totally ignoring the hustle-bustle around him- he just calmly recites Qur'an. (I couldn't take a photo of this much too sacred sight) A scene like this is most appreciated in Bloemfontein (where the mere spotting of another Muslim is actually exciting!).It almost makes me uncomfortable, shouldn't I be doing something more worthwhile than walking around at the Boeremark? Even my friend noticed him one day - and commented on how strange that was-"how could he be ignoring the music and reading your bible?" she wanted to know. Inspiring indeed.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Salaam 'Alaikum y'all

I feel pretty much like the above picture:
* Blue all over (partly because of the extreme cold; -4/13 degrees yesterday)

* Hair standing on ends

* Watery-eyed

* Decreased desire to change - the warm gowns and multiple jerseys work well enough. Comical colour combinations makes it embarrassing to go out.

* Red nose - everyone has a constant nasal drip, Wintertime in Bloem.

* 2 cups of Coffee (both are mine). I need more coffee mugs.

* Overall an unpleasant sight.

* Oh ya, in need of hugs as well *females only*

All the best to all of you that are writing exams. May you be surprised at your own abilities, InshAllah. Ameen

#urgent request for Du'aas for Bint Mahmood, writing on the 7th, 10th & 14th of June
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