Monday, July 26, 2010

Hijab Rocks

I met one of my lecturers this morning, after the usual greetings, she commented saying that I look really nice today. I thanked her. *blush* I honestly didn't share her opinion! She then went on to say that she thinks I look Nice everyday and that she really likes this type of clothing that I wear. "It looks so feminine" she said. "I really like it".
BTW, 'it' refers to my cloak.:)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back in Bloem

The first week of a new academic year, is always the best! Lecturers & students are still getting used to each other, there's loads of free time (since the 1st session is usually the shortest), theres not even a scent of a test nearby - can it get any better? Awesome.
I guess all this free time will in soon be over - but then as is mentioned in a hadith (something to the effect of), one should value free time before one becomes occupied...

Zaahid Asmall from CII was pretty angry this morning (he was standing in on the Sabahal Khair programme) when he spoke about the behavior of muslims when visiting the sick. One thing he mentioned about reading a book in which it states that a muslim should visit the sick for the same duration as an Imaam would pause in between two (Jumu'ah) Khutbas! I'v yet to meet some1 who can do that! The purpose of the visit is to make Du'a for sick,offer assistance to the family, comfort them (only if you have ability to do so, otherwise shooosh!) & then u ought to leave. DO NOT enquire extensive details about the nature of the illness ( HOW are u going to help or HOW is it going to help u???) I think CII ought to introduce a social etiquette program to educate the Ummah on how to behave! esp, @ social gatherings - I don't mind hosting the one on
"How to behave at a funeral" or "How to visit a woman during her 'Iddah"

Monday, July 12, 2010

'Salaamu 'Alaikum

WHAT? Bint Mahmood has started a blog? Am I dreaming? *pinch* *pinch*.

Lol, no u'r quite awake & there's no need for any arrhythmias coz its totally private - only i & the only other 'Bint Mahmood' can read this:) Anyway, i doubt i'l ever have a public blog coz blogging is way too stressful 4me!
It was quite an unexpected occurrence(this blogging); which explains my random choice of a title & theme & absence of all the stuffies other blogs have - but then its the 21st century & changes don't require the use of tippex!
So now it happened like this - u know pretty well that i read many blogs (many of them introduced to me by my other half) and i have new 1's everyday - u can imagine how frustrating it is to type out each blog name, Wait for it to download on our super-fast (52kbps) internet connection & then to realize nothing new has been posted. So over the days i became a Follower of some of my favorites (didn't help my problem), i wanted all my blogs in 1 place with indications as to whether they'v updated or not. So then the internet, being true to its nature - promptly lured me into doing more than just being a Follower, after all its only a few clicks away! My problem is partially solved though i'm feeling pretty much like an idiot, since just after creating a blog, i discovered 'Google Reader' which apparently does just what i wanted! Oh, WTH (WTJ) - i'l have both!

Whoooops, its already time for Fajr! maybe i should concentrate on sleeping? Ag no man, its holidays! Please don't expect many posts from me as i prefer reading over posting...

And oh,WELL DONE ESPANIA!!!! U rock! (ok, on 2nd thoughts, not soooo much.)