Monday, July 12, 2010

'Salaamu 'Alaikum

WHAT? Bint Mahmood has started a blog? Am I dreaming? *pinch* *pinch*.

Lol, no u'r quite awake & there's no need for any arrhythmias coz its totally private - only i & the only other 'Bint Mahmood' can read this:) Anyway, i doubt i'l ever have a public blog coz blogging is way too stressful 4me!
It was quite an unexpected occurrence(this blogging); which explains my random choice of a title & theme & absence of all the stuffies other blogs have - but then its the 21st century & changes don't require the use of tippex!
So now it happened like this - u know pretty well that i read many blogs (many of them introduced to me by my other half) and i have new 1's everyday - u can imagine how frustrating it is to type out each blog name, Wait for it to download on our super-fast (52kbps) internet connection & then to realize nothing new has been posted. So over the days i became a Follower of some of my favorites (didn't help my problem), i wanted all my blogs in 1 place with indications as to whether they'v updated or not. So then the internet, being true to its nature - promptly lured me into doing more than just being a Follower, after all its only a few clicks away! My problem is partially solved though i'm feeling pretty much like an idiot, since just after creating a blog, i discovered 'Google Reader' which apparently does just what i wanted! Oh, WTH (WTJ) - i'l have both!

Whoooops, its already time for Fajr! maybe i should concentrate on sleeping? Ag no man, its holidays! Please don't expect many posts from me as i prefer reading over posting...

And oh,WELL DONE ESPANIA!!!! U rock! (ok, on 2nd thoughts, not soooo much.)

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SS said...

WTJ- lol, you are funny.

Also I see that you have a link to sulieman moola website- I never knew there was one- respect