Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life is a Roller Coaster

I recall receiving a BBM that compared life to a roller coaster. I zoned-out after reading the first line which stated what anyone might have guessed; that life has ups & downs. (Aside: Blackberry users will agree - this derailment is an unavoidable side-effect after use of BBM longer than a year). Sure enough life has its ups & downs, the upward times that at first seem to drag along.The spectacular view when you eventually reach the peak and have courage enough to open your eyes. To see, not just look. Quickly, else you'll miss it. The thrilling moments that subjectively are only just that, moments. The times you're still catching your breath and wondering if such a tachycardia is compatible with life...and there you go again whoooooop. The fact the ride only lasts for a specified time-period. You need to enjoy all you can before it expires. 'Have your money's worth' they said. Spectators admire you, and wonder how you do it, smiling, sometimes shrieking. But you are secured with a safety belt -your Salaah- the ultimate protector. The guards checked you had it secure before starting. You feel safe regardless of whether its up or down. Nothing can throw you off-track. And besides, you are, with both hands tightly clutching the handlebar - the Qur'an - what more do you need for support?