Friday, January 28, 2011

Weirdness personified

I’ve been tagged by dear Blue Pearl into doing this post about the weirdest things about me, so now I tag the following bloggers: Humayda, SS, Rose Water, Fadiosis, Mustika Sari, MuslimWife23, R (when I find your blog ;P), Sabeehah (when she eventually starts blogging, I give her till 2013 ;P) and anyone else who wants to be tagged! (I know I’m really delayed with this so apologies to anyone that has already done this post)

Asking my family was almost of no purpose coz they all answered “Everything” and then went off into peals of laughter. **on second thoughts maybe this does actually say something about me? **

Another 10-year old cousin said my teeth are rather big *hahahaha* but he withdrew his statement after a shouting from his mother!!

So besides my large teeth -

  •  Can’t spell ‘attitude’ or ‘architect’ without using spell check. I’m not so sure whether this is weird or plain stupid.

  • I eat terribly hot food. I mean really HOTT! Nando’s extra-hot is a must-have when I eat.

  •  Hate it when anyone looks at my toes.

  •  I claim I love reading books but don’t manage more than two a year?! Makes me wonder how strong my love really is. Does reading blogs count?

  • I love different languages but can’t speak my home-language properly!

  •  Can raise each eyebrow separately.

  • My teeth are crooked even after two years of braces!

  •  I can create a shallow pit in my shoulder (near the acromo-clavicular and gleno-humeral joints).

  •  Eating ice-cream for breakfast is not strange for me neither is it abnormal to eat an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting.

  •  I love butter. A few years ago, I could only take Panado’s after encapsulating it in butter. *sjoe! I'm glad that's over*


  •  I have a driver’s licence but don’t drive.


  •  Confuse my right and left.

  •  I’m stuck – I suck at introspection.


rose water said...

Dear sister,
This was so great stuff :D I enjoyed reading about your weird things! :)
Thanks very much for tagging me. This week I made a post with 9 weird things about me :) Check them out here:

Take care dear <3

Blue Pearl said...

wow I never seen so many weird things under one just kidding. We are have weird traits and some of them can be rather entertaining:)