Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hijab and stethoscope

So being a health-care professional requires you to be neat and also to have access to your ears for a stethoscope. (Ha-ha, some doctors [rigid in their belief that a stethoscope has very limited uses] would probably cringe at my juxtaposition of health-care and stethoscopes)
Unfortunately I’m not willing to make ear-holes in all my scarves so we have to come up with other options.

The orni/khimaar
Having a long scarf held together with a pin might be an option but may become a little overwhelming when you start concentrating on preventing your scarf from touching the patient.

The Kuwaiti style is an option. I’m not sure of its correct name and come to think of it, I’m not even sure why we refer to it as the Kuwaiti style :o It reminds me of an adaptation of the MMSG (Maritzburg Muslim School for Girls) scarf.  Essentially a sort of tube with a long end that can be draped over your head.  Works great.

The Ameera
This is the most useful option especially with a recent flood of their availability in South Africa. The Ameera (small burqa as some prefer calling it) can be neatly tucked away inside the white coat and obediently stretches when you require your stethoscope.  No problems J

You could also spice up your ameera-look by adding a Spanish-style atop it. This doesn’t interfere with your ear access. Just make sure you secure it well with some sewing pins lest it slips off.

Or else try wrapping a long scarf loosely over the ameera, and again securing it with pins

Shukran to Sabeehah for style tips and comments. And to Hamada for the mannequin head.
Apology for the hasty photos, obviously not my speciality :p 


Asma' said...

Being a Muslim female doctor myself, I totally understand this "Hijab-Stethoscope" conflict!

Thanks for the ideas, I like the Ameera style though I don't think it suits me -_-"

Anyway, it's nice to know about other Muslim girls out there proudly holding on to their hijabs despite all ;)

Ati said...

I totally agree that the Ameera style is most practical and looks simple and comfy too. Muslim lady doctors here in Malaysia wear this sort of style and they freely carry out their duties without distractions.

Oh sis! you are a few steps away from becoming a doctor and here I am feeling all excited for you! May you achieve only the best in everything that you do, ameen...

Bint Mahmood said...

@Asma': Haha, I'm not particularly fond of myself in an ameera, i almost never wear em out of hospital :/ You're welcome to share any other ideas for our Hijab-stethoscope dilemma :)

@Ati: I often wondered how Muslim women in other parts of the world manage this - so thank you for the comment :) Ameen! I have two years of hard work first Insha Allah. BarakAllah feeki :)


Fadiosis said...

mashallah! someone thought really carefully about this :P i always make a mess when i listen to a patient's chest in rounds! It's just embarrassing! the only way is practice LOL... i thought about holes in all my scarves, yea not really practical :P

Bint Mahmood said...

@Fadiosis - haha, most of them (or all actually) are my sister's ideas; I just stole em :P
I too mess up all the sounds :/ It happens so often that I'm pretty much used to looking like an idiot

The Black Jubah said...

Ha ha ha we nurses faces the same problem. I admire the Saudis, they can loosen their scarf and readjust it after that so effortlessly.

Maybe somebody should design an electronic stestoscope which is electronically audible.

Bint Mahmood said...

@TheBlackJubah: haha Good idea!