Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Random update

Salaam 'Alaikum!
So now I have a new laptop Alhamdulillah :) and it's red *big smile*. I've become somewhat cynical about technology, I guess anyone would after:
1. My ol' laptop died. ( I hate to say 'crashed' here - it sounds so dramatic, on the contrary my laptop just quietly switched off and was apparently not feasible to repair)

2. My university memory stick contracted a virus, however was still usable until someone's antivirus decided to delete all viruses. This included all folders from memory stick. Yep, Semesters 1 - 5 all gone. Blog stuff all gone. :(

3. I was just looking for sumthing on my ol' cellphone and become suspicious when I couldn't find it. Yes, you guessed right. "Memory card corrupted" Whatever that means. Not funny anymore.

And worse, everyone blames me for not creating back-ups. *sigh*.

So tis great to have a new, clean laptop, though I must admit I have used up much of my airtime with all my experimenting and downloading :O A Big shout out to my sister for allowing me to take the new one - btw, my sis has also started a blog and has some entertaining posts coming along. Check it out here.

I've NO idea what I'm doin up @ 1:18:04 AM. But then tomorrow is a public holiday so I guess it's not such a crime :p

Take care y'all
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Aneebaba said...

Wa alaikum as salaam Sis!

Nice new computer! I just got a new one last summer (as well as a new desktop back home, as the old one was just beyond fixing). The laptop, as the previous one, is from Toshiba, which have long lives. The previous is still alright, but it did give trouble, shutting off after 20 min, but then when I went home, it was kinda recovered, but my mom was willing to dish out the $$$ for both new computers. Also, I set up a Skype account for her, so she can see me much more often, etc.
I know Dell is quite popular as well and I'm sure it will last a long while too.

As we Americans say "Props to your sister for doing that" which basically means "Much respect" in a cool, hip slangy way! :-)

Anyways, hope med school is treating you well. As for me, I have 3 more exams left (insha'allah, will have to finish a bit late, in September, rather than in June, cuz of one slip-up earlier this month, but I did pass two other exams within a week of each other, so it could have been worse). Please keep me in your du'as!

OK, take care.

Much warmth and respect.
Br. Anees

Bint Mahmood said...

@Aneebaba! I was wondering hows stuff going with you - All the best with your last three (I'm sure that must sound good to say) :)
I too am entering the hectic part of the my year. Exam time. ATM we have tests amidst long weekends - I can't decide whether this is a good or bad situation.

Thanks for the new American slang, I shall keep it in mind :) (I heard about the word "DANG" as well, though i'm not so sure how it's used.)

Anyhow, I'm writing on the respiratory system tomorrow so I should get off blogger for now :)

May Allah help everyone with their tests and exams. Ameen.

BarakAllahu feekum.


Aneebaba said...

Salaam again Sis!

Aww, what a sweet sentiment! Thanks it's going to be a crazy finish for sure!

Wow, weekend tests - are they take home ones or? That is something new for medical studies. We did have take home exams in college/university.

Ahh, dang, it is the tasteful way of saying "damn" (sorry for the language, lol)

Wow, cool good 'ol respiratory system, sounds good. As you write, just relax and breath . . . :-P (I know, really lame joke!)

Ameen to your du'a!

Jazak'Allahu Khairan

Sr. Sabeehah, who if I recall followed "Brotherhood" found me on Twitter and before I had recalled that fact and saw that she is also in South Africa, thought she had a connection to you, and as I scrolled down her timeline, guess whose name i saw??????? :-D

Guess it won't be long before you track me down on Twitter now! :-P *smiles*

I should probably stay away from it, but I'll try to tweet before and after studying and during breaks. I had quit after earlier (I had joined just before closing the blog if you recall) ,but just recently rejoined and actually have two accounts, one for Islam-related stuff and another for connecting with my fellow basketball fans/people back home.

SS said...


Get the cell c stick, it's way better and you find that you won't really complain about the airtime expense.

enjoy bloem- I heard that it gets so cold in some areas that water gets frozen in the pipes...