Monday, April 25, 2011

You know you're flyin Durban to Bloem when...

* Your boarding gates are right @ the end, downstairs. Deserted. Away from the hustle & bustle of the rest of the airport.

* There are about 5 people @ the waiting area.

* They all look @ you and count "6".

* Bloemfontein is not listed on the flight schedule boards until 5mins before the boarding time.

* The pilots walk pass and comment on whether they see any familiar faces.

* The use of a hopper bus is mandatory since our 29 seater plane is parked some distance away.

* I'm the only Asian on flight.

* You appreciate being both short & thin as soon as you enter the aircraft.

* There are no arm-rests or overhead cabins.

* When the plane switches on, you check out of the window to make sure you're not sitting in a helicopter.

* There is only 1 air hostess on-board & she re-caps the safety regulations 6seats @ a time. (Ha! No need for a microphone).

* You always get free coke and chips.

* You are glad no one is sitting next to you, it's too painful to have a conversation anyway.

* You are awed @ the differences in beauty of creation, within the same country.

* You wonder why the flight is so ridiculously priced.

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Blue Pearl said...

LOL!!!!!!! How are you sweetness ?

Bint Mahmood said...

Alhamdulillah, I'm doing great - just gearing myself up for an early winter and upcoming exams. :/
How are u?

Blue Pearl said...

glad to hear you well. I am well too, el7umdulilla. I heard Gauteng is really cold. Keep warm and good luck with the exams!

Humayda said...

They look at u and count '6'. ahahahaha....