Thursday, February 24, 2011

Random things on my mind

  • Prof W (a non-Muslim) made a random observation the other day: 'These days one cannot specify gender on basis of clothing. Men and women dress too simarlarly'.  #think.

  • The conspiracy theorists have been talking again -  the current revolution in the Arab world could have possibly been sparked by USA. Reasons? 
  • *They are done with the previous leaders and need new people in the GAME. So the election of new governments has to be watched very closely. 
  • * Religion, specifically Islam has hindered their spread of Globalisation, and the idea of "I have My Rights and I can do as I please because I am FREE". They hope these revolutions spread to the more conservative Islamic countries (Saudi???) so that more cinemas, clubs etc can become widespread and legal.
  • *Creates instability and unrest in the Muslim world.
  • I personally don't know what to think about these theories. I just wish for a free, democratic, Islamic Arab world that is not ruled by puppets of the west. I think Saudi rulers need to change as well.
  • What are your thoughts?

  • Muammar Gaddafi is Mad. 
  • I can't believe he has allowed approx 1000 people to be killed so far! Mubarak doesn't seem so bad any more,ne?
  • he has executed soldiers that refused to kill civilians
  • In his life, he tried to edit the Qur'an.!!!!

  • I am writing my first Anaesthesiology test next Thursday.
  • My laptop has broken down. I seem to appear as United Kingdom on all Feedjit and other counters whenever I visit from my BB.
  • I suddenly developed a hatred for my current template.

This post is officially crazy. 


♥Amal said...

Oil. It's all about getting control of the oil...

SS said...

Seriously, don't hope for democracy. It never works out. What we need is a pious leader who is not afraid to take action...

Blue Pearl said...

Alas a very normal day with all those thoughts hey! *smiles* "I am writing my first Anaesthesiology test next Thursday." Mashallah to that and I wish you all the best my darling.:)

Say Alhumdulillah for all the greatness in your and hugs:)

Sabeehah said...

flight of ideas? ;)

Hassan Adnan said...

I don't believe in your statement of "for a free, democratic, Islamic Arab world"! There is no such concept of Democracy in Islam. The form of governance in Islam is Sharia.