Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mawlud/Wafatun Nabi (SAW)

Yes, it’s the month of Rabi’ ul Awal (in fact 12th already!) , the month during which our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was born and passed away. (Aside: how beautiful must it have been when the world lit up on the birth of Muhammad (SAW). The one who came to this world to lighten up darknesses).

I was however disappointed on my recent visit home, to see signboards decorations on the light poles of a street. Maybe I should be a little more descriptive: each light pole had two round/star-shaped boards (on either side) written “Muhammad (saw)”, flanked by two red flags. And no, I refuse to go into any debate regarding the permissibility of such actions but I do believe we need to set our priorities straight. I think we need to question ourselves first:
  • Are we not succumbing to imitating the practices of the Kufaar?
  • Don’t we have more important things to spend money on?
  • If Muhammad (saw) was here, would he have been pleased to see this?

The month of Rabi’ ul Awal ought to be used to as an opportunity to learn more about the life of the most beloved (pbuh) and more importantly to practice his beautiful example.

PS. These are my very own personal opinions and were not intended to insult anyone.

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