Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Asalaamu ‘Alaikum.
 Dear diary. I can’t believe I have not posted anything in on to you (whatever, you know my English is going ugly) in an entire month! It’s kinda an awkward feeling- like when you meet someone after a very long time and you don’t know what to say or how start. Not having a computer disconnected me entirely. I guess am almost expected to say again; how much one realises the value of something only after it’s gone. Talking about disconnections, I was listening to a lecture by the eloquent Mufti Ismail Menk; and he created this analogy of spiritual disconnection. The same loss and emptiness felt when one loses internet connection ought to be felt when one loses spiritual connection. Every effort should be made to regain this connection.  [I don’t think I make as much as sense as he did.L]

Anyhow, I’ve had enough stories to tell you, but was too busy to go sit at Visimed. Lots of things happened this last month. Oral presentations, tests, community projects – only to mention a few! I can’t, no REALLY can’t believe that another term has passed and I’m in holiday again. Plus it’s soon gonna be April. *wide –eyed*.  Allahu Akbar! Awesome to be chilled again but this passing time frightens me. Check out Humayda’s thoughts on this same topic.

But I’m glad I have a Blackberry, so I have been reading some awesome blog-posts from my fellow bloggers but it’s a bit too irritating to comment from a Blackberry (I almost feel like a stalker, prying around on people’s blogs without ever leaving a comment *apology*). Eish, but these smartphones are pretty useful. In the absence of my laptop, out of desperation, I even studied Powerpoint presentations from my BB. Makes me wonder whether palm-tops will soon replace laptops? Recognised problem:  My typing skills have become rather Blackberry-ised as well – for the fifth time so far, when I want capital letters I hold down the keys and then glare @ my keyboard wondering why it’s not changing. Loq.

Ok, so diary, here’s me signing off as randomly as I began. Hopefully you shall see more worth-while posts in the near future, InshAllah.

Bint Mahmood :)

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