Saturday, July 9, 2011

From the airport

So I'm finally on Holiday :) somewhat strange coz it's only 2weeks this year- damn, I'm going to miss my usual 6weeks.

I'm currently @ the OR Tambo Int airport, 3/4 done with my 5hour wait until my next connecting flight to DURBAN :D chilling @ a busy airport is not the worst thing ever. After doodling around the shops here, I entertained myself for over an hour @ the upper level of International arrivals. I find it rather amusing to watch different people's reactions as they see their loved ones.
* the man with the red jacket that seemed totally lost
*the two men that were undoubtedly father & son by token of their precisely similar gait
* the Indian family that were typically overloaded with luggage
* the man of IndoPak origin that looked like he was walking in the wrong direction. I hope he wasn't looking for departures!
*the sports team that came from somewhere, sorry I don't know players that well so I was unable to recognise any1
* the lady that sat behind and performed Salaah (love this)
* the Muslim brother that applied Itr for another Muslim brother
* And of course trying to assign nationalities to everyone

It was great to have this bird's eye view of soo many different people. Different shapes, different sizes, different colours, different dress styles. Some walking aimlessly, some with stiff tired legs, others almost running... Ay, I'm having fun
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bosnishmuslima said...

Haha I too love the atmosphere at the airport. But only when I am not flying myself :D (hate flying)
I love the liveliness there and also watching all the people and their excitement meeting each other etc.
For me it would be a good working place I think :P

Niqaabi said...

Err, isnt your holiday a bit late? lol. everybody is probably going back now, and your holiday started :). My relative who's in med school starts tomorrow.

Bint Mahmood said...

@bosnish Muslimah. :) lol, doubt i'll get any work done if I were working at the airport :P

@Niqaabi: Yep, my holidays are very late. but i guess i'm loving it more since i's soo late:) Which Medical school started already?

JazakAllah for commenting.

Niqaabi said...

Nelson mandela - thats in durban

Humayda said...

You people-watcher you.:)

Ay what a top blogpost. Welcome back to Durbs larnie.

Bint Mahmood said...

@Humayda - hahahaha:) sometimes it gets embarrassing when u end up looking @ people's veins & think "what good veins those are"