Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What would you do in this case? (Number 2)

You take your Qur’an to a public place (e.g. university) and neatly place it on your desk. Moments later, your close, non-Muslim friend exclaims “wow! Is this your ‘bible’?” and subsequently picks it up with a somewhat sense of awe. Besides informing her of the correct name- Qur’an, do you:

(more than one option may be chosen)

   A. Scream out “Don’t touch! Not for infidels!”

   B. Let it be (say nothing) – it’s part of being a tolerant Muslim.

   C. Allow her time to place it down and then explain why she should refrain from touching the Qur’an again.

   D. Label your Qur’an with a “Do NOT touch. Unless you’re a Muslim in Wudu” sign.

   E. Other (please specify).


Sabeehah said...

Uhm that's a bit of a difficult one - I guess it would depend on the situation, but I guess I'l go with option C and explain that we as muslims respect the Quraan alot and therefore a person may only handle the Quraan after performing a ritual washing.

I may even go with Option A but more politely and I would leave out the "Infidel" part!
I remember once a muslim Doctor asked me to fetch her Quraan for her, and when I brought it to her, one of the other non-muslim doctors reached out to hold it while asking if it was the Quraan. The muslim doctor grabbed the Quraan and rudely said "not for Infidels!" The non-muslim doctor (a Christian) was really quite insulted with her use of the word 'infidel'.Overall I felt embarressed by the muslim doctor's rude response!

Bint Mahmood said...

(No, I’m not trying to post comments to myself but I just thought of another solution to avoid the situation from recurring)

E. purchase a digital Qur’an or download a free one compatible with your phone

Humayda said...

:)I love these "What would you do?" scenarios. I agree with Sabeeha on this one. Tolerance and patience when dealing with what is an innocent lack of knowledge is fundamental if you hope to engage in Dawah.