Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 Lessons: why it’s worthwhile to live on your own

These are in no particular order.

1. When your cupboard looks empty it’s generally not because of a lack of clothes nor because you forgot a bag at home – go check the washing-bin.

2. It is good to make use of ‘Energade’ (any plastic) bottles – reuse them at least once then throw ‘em away; forms a significant reduction in washing drinking glasses.

3. Unanticipated sleep sessions are always useful. Try the couch or even the floor.

4. There are two ways to clean your place:

    a. The ultimate thorough clean-up where you leave no place untouched. (excellent, but time-consuming and ensure you’ve left time thereafter to recover from exhaustion)

    b. The top-top style, where only the most important aspects are dealt with – the rest is covered up.

5. Remember to purchase :

    a. A slightly larger bin – the small ones get full too quickly.

    b. A ladder – changing light-bulbs when you can’t reach them is both futile and dangerous.

6. Never, ever, leave your bed undone – that’s the day someone will come to visit.

7. Laughing aloud or smiling to yourself suddenly is not a sign of madness.

8. Samoosas taste extra special at midnight. Just fry them quietly lest you wake your neighbours up.

9. If something breaks no-one needs to know right then.

10. By the end of it you become:

     a. An expert pest-controller; nothing is frightening anymore. You will receive specific training in running around with a ‘Dyroach’ tin and you also realise the Pyrethroid works well with other creatures too (including mice – that’s a first-hand report from my sister!).

     b. An experienced handy-man, any minor electricity or plumbing problems are no more stressful.

     c. An ‘easy-to-please’ person, tea/coffee without milk is now actually very tasty. In addition, childhood ‘I hate that’ dishes are in fact particularly pleasing to eat when you go home. Expect to be reminded about how you so used to hate that.

     d. Well aware of all the ingredients on items you use often e.g. Nando’s sauce, Butter, Mayonnaise etc. Any changes and/or comparisons are immediately noted.


Humayda said...

I love this post. I:
1. Envy(in a good way) your independance a great great deal.
2 Am so proud of you.*hugs*
3. Hope to one day come and visit.(Dude, unmade beds-psshhhht- as long as you serve me some of your mum's legendary Samoosa's)

Bint Mahmood said...

@Humayda, Thanks for commenting
I am not so sure you will still envy me if I had a post entitled "101 reasons why it's still better to be at home" :P

**awaits Humayda's visit** :)

Bint Mahmood said...

It has been pointed out to me that my title doesn’t really 'gel' with my post. Maybe it should have read: “10 lessons, learnt only whilst residing alone”. Oh, I don’t know! Methinks you catch the drift of what I’m trying to say. *Sorry*

Sabeehah said...

Hey the Dyroach doesnt work with mice:( I think the mouse just goes a bit crazy and runs around more! Oh well at least I feel like I'm doing something!

Just to add a few reasons why I think it's cool to live on my own:
1. Everything stays exactly where 'I' put it and things are always arranged 'my' way :)
2. Get to finish all the chocolates by myself - Yep no sharing:) ( btw I've progressed - 200g slab in one day!)
3. No one to check and remind me about studying while I'm reading a book or surfing the net.
BUT I still miss home alot and am really glad I'm gonna be back next year [actually there's just 32days left InshaAllah, before I'm done :) :)]

Bint Mahmood said...

@Sabeehah, Habibti - please monitor your chocolate intake very carefully:P

@Humayda, on reading your comment again - only you'd say something as cute as "legendary samoosas" :)