Saturday, October 16, 2010

Superiority complex or Inferiority complex

I went shopping today (yay!) and I saw some Muslim sisters (yay! again). Now, when you see Muslims in Bloemfontein – it’s something to be very excited about because unlike most of the other South African cities, the Bfn Muslim community is very small (though it is growing). Getting back to my story – I looked at them and attempted greeting them. But, I was unlucky enough not to get even a smile back in return! Okay, I was only trying to practice on the Hadith (to the effect): “Spread Salaam amongst yourselves”. And if you don’t want to greet its fine with me - I had three other totally strange Afrikaner non-Muslim ladies greet me. I thought it was supposed to be part of Islamic culture to greet other Muslims but it seems that not everyone likes to practice this. Bad thing is that the one who was trying to initiate the Salaam is left standing with a bit of a shocked expression and half-spoken words.

On this topic of greeting – have you ever had the experience of trying to greet fellow (female, in my case) Muslims especially from the African continent - and they just walk past you? I feel somewhat insulted. I don’t know if it’s because they think they are superior or inferior to me? WTH, we’re all the same and hey, I’m technically African too! Maybe I’m misinterpreting their lack of reaction but I as far as I know its Waajib to reply to a Salaam. 


Sabeehah said...

yep know exactly wat it feels like - hv had many of those experiences! More details l8r!

Sabeehah said...

As I mentioned before, I've often had such experiences especially at the hospital and it leaves me with a weird feeling - I mean really how difficult is it to reply to salaam?? Anyway, now I kinda 'assess' a person before offering salaam, and if they seem friendly enough then only do I proceed!
On the other hand it's quite an awesome feeling when some foreigner that I don't know from anywhere, makes salaam to me:) My non-muslim colleagues are also quite impressed:)

Faiza said...

Oh I know exactly what that feels like too. I find thats the issue with so many of my students! When greeting them, they think you are doing them a favour. Oh and then you get those, when you say salaam they say HI! Its actually more fulfilling when non muslims go out of their way to greet, where as our muslims are completely opposite to what we are taught. Weird are many a people of this ummah.

Sabeehah said...

Today was a good day for me - I made salaam to some arab-looking people and to some Pakistanis and both times they returned my salaams with big smiles:) So I guess there is Hope!