Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhaan is HERE!

We I welcome the month of Ramadhaan though its definitely not that exciting here in Bloem! Awareness is growing though, a few of my non-muslim friends wished me "all the best for rama-dan" Cute.
Mufti Menk was speaking last week about preparing for the month of Ramadhaan - how there was so much prep for the soccer world cup. He mentioned that when FIFA said they were selling tickets for 90min matches, people scrambled to make sure there had their expensive tickets, made arrangements for all other committments and even travelled far distances just to see guys running after a ball! Just to be able to say 'I WAS THERE', huh? However when Allah Ta'ala asks of us an extra hour of performing Taraweeh salaah. Moan. Groan. Excuses. No 'I WAS THERE' spirit.
What a pity.

In other news: there has been reports going around about the possible 'Burn a Qur'an Day' or something like it. Apparently, churches are being encouraged to do this on 9/11. How unneccessary! I mean Whatever will they achieve out of this? Allah (SWT) has promised to preserve the Qur'an thus we have innumerable Hufaaz in almost every community! So, Fools: burn however many you wish but you'll never succeed in taking the Qur'an away from our hearts (besides we have electronic versions too;).

Ramadhaan Kareem to all. Please remember the Ummah in your Du'as.(& Pakistan too).

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