Thursday, August 5, 2010

Miracles DO happen!

Yep, miracles are not something of the past and of prophets only! ok, let me explain my excitement:
Yesterday i lost my pencilcase @ Visimed (our computer lab). I went back 2 check for it but there was absolute no sight of it. HORROR! My 2 memory sticks are inside....whatever will i do now? On the way to Visimed i met Oscar( a guy fro my class) so i told him my misery- maybe he can help? so anyway, I came home without my pencilcase, depressed myself 4 being so careless, depressed my mother & sis with all my woes, made fervent dua & then went to sleep. what else can i do?

This morning, as I was walking past Visimed, I decided to go in and check again - maybe just maybe it would be there - perhaps I didn't check well enough. But nothing doing. By chance I happened to meet Oscar @ one of the desks, he asks "Miss *****, still looking for your pencilcase?" I replied in the affirmative and went on to explain how I had hopelessly looked 4 it.... AND then. some random optom dude a row behind asks "Are u looking for a pencilcase?" "I Actually have 1 with me"
*shock* *stare* WHAT?
"Are u sure? Its a silver one?"
"yep, I asked around yesterday but no-one owned up so I took it home"

Allahu Akbar!

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