Monday, November 15, 2010

Witnessing excellence in action

Israel Ponty Moletsane (a SA revert to Islam) hit the front page of Arab News. Israel PM is pretty well-known to many listeners of Channel Islam International [even though he never really comes on air, many presenters often refer to him].
Working at CII was instrumental in changing his misconceptions about Islam (e.g. Islam was something only for Indians) and he publicly announced his conversion when a scholar made du’aa for him in ‘Arafah last year. I’m amazed. **aside: I feel responsible for not doing enough in detoxifying the toxic-waste-stories about Islam**

This year Israel PM spoke to CII from the plains of ‘Arafah and said that one of the most outstanding aspects of Hajj was the total brotherhood that exists everywhere. No distinction.
He also, (in return for the du’aa that was made for him last year), promised to make individual du’aa for all CII listeners by making use of the CII Facebook page.

Israel PM was sponsored a Hajj trip by Mr Yacoob Vahed of the Al Imdaad Foundation. Now, I simply cannot bypass this opportunity to highlight the remarkable selflessness of the Al Imdaad Foundation, particularly Mr Y Vahed. A man who so subtly and quietly touches individual lives of many people globally, [including mine]; and admirably accepts no gratitude for the amazing stuff he does! It is utterly amazing how Allah Ta’ala places total strangers to assist one in the time of need.
May Allah bless the Al Imdaad Foundation and reward them in both worlds. Ameen.

Anyway, I am aware that this is a completely random post and I apologise for ending off even more randomly but I cannot seem to continue without divulging too much unnecessary information about myself – so we’ll leave it there then.



Blue Pearl said...

El7umdulilla, what a beautiful story. It is so pleasing to hear this! How are you - this is a great blog by the way! Love the background! So cool....

Bint Mahmood said...

I'm glad you like the blog:) and thanks for following.
Errm... how I am? ATM highly stressed for the exam paper tomorrow :/

MuslimFirst said...

Ma'sha'allah, Jazak'Allahu Khairan for sharing this with us sis. I love these accounts. Hope the exam paper went well!

Blue Pearl said...

Exams tend to provoke the slight more insane side of us:) Fortunately its the storm before the calm so take it easy until then.:) And Good luck